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MDPC-OB2 (Optical Brightener)

MDPC OB2 (Optical Brightner) is a heat resistant, solvent soluble, chemically stable fluorescent whitener that provides brighter looking
colors. It is used to offset the yellowness of a polymer and to yield a whiter appearance. Optical brighteners create
brilliance by absorbing UV light, modifying the wavelength of the light and then emitting the light in a fluorescent

Product Name MDPC- OB2
DescriptionOptical Brightener
CAS No. 40470-68-6
C.I. No. 378
AppearanceSlight Yellowish powder
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight 400
Melting Point 175~200℃.
Purity ≥95%
Particle size ≧100
Ash ≦0.1%
UsesMainly used in whiteing of Plastic such as PVC, PS, ABS, TPR etc.

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• FDA cleared for use in all polymers, adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives
• Brilliant, bluish white effect that compensates for yellowing
• Highly compatible with a wide range of organic substrates and solvents
• In combination with dyes, produces particularly bright shades
• Useful as tracer in clear coating, adhesives and sealants
• Good light fastness and low volatility
• Exceptional whitening properties
• Excellent resistance to heat
The above mentioned chemical product has no poison, no pollution and no cauterization, It i s common chemical product.

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