Maa Durga Polychem


MDPC DBLP is manufactured form a high quality stearic acid in a tightly controlled production operation that guarantees product uniformity. The result is a pure white color with consistent properties. The product is treated by a special surface coating technique to ensure its ready dispersion in PVC, regardless of the compounding technique

Physical FormFine Silky White Powder
Total lead as PbO79-81
Purity % 99.0 min.
Moisture (% max.) 0.2 – 0.4 gm/ml
Specific Gravity 4.4 + 0.05
Fineness 400 mesh
Bulk Density, tapped (g/ml) 1.0 – 1.2


Its primary application is as heat stabiliser in the preparation of PVC compounds. PVC compounds stabilised with DBLP show maximum retention of their physical properties when aged for prolonged periods. Additionally, cable coverings incorporating DBLP provide the maximum practical insulation resistance both immediately after compounding and during the subsequent life of the cable. Consequently cables covered with a DBLP stabilized PVC compound are used in the manufacture of electric blankets, television sets, under floor heating and general thermal insulation. DBLP also finds application as a ‘stabiliser kicker’ in the preparation of foamed PVC



Eliminates bridging or caking while facilitating use in any type of packaging, bulk handling or conveying system.


  • MDPC DBLP is available in net content of 25 Kgs.
  • Specific packaging options can be arranged as per customer’s requirement.

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