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MDPC Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium. It has the highest refractive index of any material, and is one of the whitest materials on earth. When ground into a fine powder, it transforms into a pigment that provides maximum whiteness and opacity. Ti02 pigments are for foods and many other commercial products.

Purity Ti02% >939694
Matter volatile at 105° c % <
Hydrotrope % <
Residue on sieve 45 µ m % <
Tinting strength compare with standard % >112115115
PH of suspension. aqueous solution retained7.0 – 8.86.5 – 8.56.5 – 8.5
retainedOil absorption g/100g <191822
Rutile Crystal form conversion % >97.597.598.5
Average particle diameter µ m 0.22 – 0.280.22 – 0.280.20 – 0.26


Rutile Titanium Dioxide R868

High Property Coating for PVC

Inorganic Zr, Al surface coating. Organic surface treating good whiteness, high fluidity and glossiness, good tinting strength, strong hiding power easy to disperse.

Rutile Titanium Dioxide R878

Plastic, Masterbatch, Flexiblity PVC, Rubber

Inorganic Al surface coating, Organic surface treating high glossiness, good tinting strength, strong hiding power, resist to atomize and easy to disperse in plastic and rubber.

Rutile Titanium Dioxide R818

Universal level, Plastic, Masterbatch, Pepermaking, Rubber, Coating.

Inorganic Si, Al surface coating, Organic surface treating good whitness, good optical property and hiding power, good durability.

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