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Few words about Maa Durga Polychem

MDPC is india’s premier Importer, Exporter and Trader. An ISO Certified company established in 2015 in Delhi.
MDPC in the feild of polymer’s specializing in Optical Brightener (OB), Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), PVC Heat Stabilizer and more than 20 additives. MDPC provide one stop solution of whiteness and brightness for Polymer industries.

MDPC Optical Brightener (OB) is one of our exclusive products available for wide range of applications such as Footwear, PVC Pipes & Fittings, LLDPE Films, Master batches, CPW (Chlorinated Paraffin Wax), Thermo Plastic Road Paint etc. that enhance the whiteness & brightness, reduce yellowing of products, improved optical properties, which adds excellent resistance to heat by absorbing UV radiation and gives a smooth white glow to the products.

MDPCTitanium Dioxide (TiO2) pigment is another one of our exclusive products available for wide range of applications such as Footwear, PVC Pipes & Fittings, Thermo Plastic Road Paint, Master batches etc. MDPC Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) pigment specialty designed for the use in plastics with a blue undertone and excellent properties in opacity and gloss. The unique production process grants excellent.

MDPC have a fully equipped laboratory setup wherein all importer material are evaluated to meet the strigent quality standard of MDPC. We offer 24x7 fast and efficient service with same day delivery within Delhi - NCR and quickest delivery timelines across the country.

We MDPC work with a conception that, every customer expects trust worthy vendor who can provide:






Our Core Value

“Customer as basics, technique as the core, Quality as driving force” is the core value of the enterprise.

We firmly believe that our customers are our foundation. Only by strengtheninging foundation can keep us moving forward. Technique is like our energy, so we have to keep developing so that we can have kinetic energy. At the same time, quality determines whether the product is able to be recognized for a long time or not. As a consequence, we must keep producing the high quality products to maintain customer loyalty. Once our customers have confidence on our products, and then we can never stop for a long voyage.

A Vision of The Future

With the continuous development of the world economy, environmental protection is getting more and more attention from society. Characteristic MDPC enterprise culture responses strategy of sustainable development because only by taking the path of sustainable development, the society will continue to improve. Characteristic MDPC enterprise culture mainly express on two aspects: strategy of sustainable development on products on staffs. In our products, we advocate environmental protection, excellence, quality. In person, we call for integrity, pragmatism, morality. We believe we can continuous bring value and contribution to society only if taking the path of sustainable development.

Environmentally friendly, high quality, excellent products, and a group of people who stick to integrity, pragmatism, morality, we believe that MDPC definitely give plastic products different vitality.


To provide quality and cost controlling solutions in the field of PVC Heat Stabilizers and Pigments for Wire & Cable, Auto Motive, Medical, Toys, Home Appliances and Foot Wears. We always aim to grow jointly with our Customers and business Associates by establishing long term and mutually beneficial relationships with them.


MDPC has a highly qualified and experienced team for R&D supported by advanced technologies and sophisticated equipment Fully equipped Technical Lab & Q.C.

  • Systematic storage of products.

  • Having own transport facility for committed time delivery.

Quality Policy

We at MDPC are committed to enhance the satisfaction of our customers by providing quality Products as per customer requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System by:

  • Enhancing product performance

  • Delivering products on time

  • Developing performance of employees at all levels.

  • Providing innovative solutions through R&D.

  • Satisfying applicable legal requirements

Our Strength

MDPC are one of the renowned suppliers of Optical Brightener, Titanium Dioxide(Rutail), Ca-Zn & One-Pack Heat Stabilizers many products. These are processed using quality raw material after testing and our all products to ensure long service life. Available in different specifications, these can be customized as per the requirements of our esteemed clients.

The wide portfolio of products processed by us meets the performance requirements of a wide range of industries. Our strength lies in our ability to provide cost effective customized solutions to our customers.

Client Satisfaction

The foundation of our company is laid on the motto of client’s satisfaction. Our quality of products & services speak for themselves. The reputation we have attained in the domestic market is a result of hard work and dedication towards providing quality products to our customers. We strive towards continuous improvement through learning initiatives, technology and process upgradation. With pioneering Client Satisfaction Metalic Salts MDPC produce and market several high-quality lead-based single stabilizers. MDPC customer can use it either to adjust rheelogy, stability and color or to create their own stablizer combinations. Depending upon customer’s requirements, the metal salts of optimum lubricating properties and desired finish to the end product. Metalic Salts are used to enhance initial and long term stability and weather properties in compunds containing chlorinated paraffin.